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Children are the future of social and economic change. Joelle O’Reilly-Hyland contributes and supports several international organizations designed to educate children and promote economic growth and social change.

Joelle’s Work

Joelle O’Reilly-Hyland does her charity work through Ounavarra Foundation, a non profit she co-founded, and several other organizations. Her work includes:

  • Raises over $70,000 by competing in a team triathlon to support the underserved children of Khayelitsha through Ubuntu Africa.
  • Funds Mariposa Center for Girls in Cabrete, Dominican Republic. The education center will be a place where girls can come to access tutoring, library and information technology, employment and training.
  • Achieves a number of goals through the creation of a new model, to help improve girl’s education globally, after a successful pilot in India through Educate Girls Globally (EGG).
  • Enables children in underserved and underrepresented communities in hopes of breaking the cycle of poverty that has existed for generations before them through the Fabretto Foundation.
  • and many more future involvement.

About Joelle O’Reilly-Hyland

Joelle O'Reilly-Hyland

Joelle O’Reilly-Hyland is the co-founder of Ounavarra Foundation. She believes in supporting girl’s education throughout the world. Joelle O’Reilly-Hyland has contributed to improve girls’ enrollment, retention, and academic performance in government-funded schools in India and Africa. She is currently a board member of Educate Girls Globally (EGG), a charitable organization that focuses on girls and women empowerment through education.

Joelle O’Reilly-Hyland is also active with other charity organizations like Mariposa DR, Global Partnership Forum, Ubuntu Africa, and more.

  • Educate Girls Globally (EGG)

    EGG works towards improving girls’ enrollment, retention and academic performance in government schools by leveraging existing community and government resources. The key to our success is ownership.

  • Global Partnership Forum

    The Global Partnerships Forum aims to address economic and social challenges within a global forum through innovative partnerships.

  • Mariposa DR

    To reach universal primary education, promote gender equality and empower women.

  • Ubuntu Africa

    Dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of HIV-positive children in under-served communities in South Africa.